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in all grains, oils, and meals

Through constant research and development enterprises, we are persistently looking into creating advanced and practical products. We are also evolving with the development of trans-free and non-hydrogenated fats to gratify contemporary demand of more healthy and nutritional products


    GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) is a global system of researchers and academics who conduct quantifiable analysis of international economic policy issues, particularly in the area of trade policy. They collaborate in order to produce a reliable global economic database, covering nearly all sectors and all parts of the world. This database describes mutual trade patterns, consumption, production and transitional use of supplies and services. Through the studies conducted via third parties, we examine these studies ourselves in order to deliver the best possible products.


    We relish the opportunity to participate in international trade, investment, and development through vigilant watch of current studies done that involve our industry. Additionally, Golden Crops is constantly on the road to betterment and takes pride in the company core values. Add to this, our uncompromising standards for excellence begins with passion about bringing the best trade to your company anywhere in the world.


    Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience in the international trade and business industry. This allows us to negotiate rates within and across the industry to minimize costs and maximize returns. We set out on a trail to provide and specialize in Green and Red Lentils, Yellow and Green Peas, Chickpeas, and all kinds of Oilseeds. As guardians of the trade, we concentrate in creating value for our customers by partnering with world-class growers whose work ethic is second to none, and whose pride in the crops they grow goes back generations.