Golden Crops Enterprises

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about us

Golden Crops Enterprises provides industrial products and services to the world, located in 3 continents and over a dozen countries.

Golden Crops Enterprises has been established for 12 years and is a leader in the production and distribution of various agricultural products. We understand our global responsibility and we are strongly led by our Corporate Values of Respect, Integrity, and Reliability. We take pride in conducting our procedures and business around the globe in an accountable way. These core values help us realize our purpose and in achieving our goals. Our goal is to maximize our gathered knowledge and to focus our hard work on the improvement of the trading business, which is the core of our company and essential for further growth.

Our Business

We are a well-organized company that works between commodity producers and users. Golden Crops Enterprises products include all grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, oilseed meals, and agricultural inputs. We consider quality control to be of the utmost importance to our business and we have instigated quality control measures at all stages of our production and operation processes. These quality control measures are in place to ensure that the quality of our products meet the expectations and standards of our customers and our industry.

Our Products

 Through constant research and development enterprises, we are persistently looking into creating advanced and practical products. We are also evolving with the development of trans-free and non-hydrogenated fats to gratify contemporary demand of healthier and nutritional products. We currently produce the following:

• Crude soybean oil • Crude sunflower oil • Crude rapeseed oil • Crude sesame oil • Olive oils • RBD palm olein • Crude corn oil • Soybean meal • Sunflower oil • Rapeseed oil